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LED High Mast Light

Our LED High Mast is a perfect replacement for very large area lighting applications especially airports, ports heavy flood lighting applications and sports lighting. The introduction of innovative technologies and advanced lighting systems has resulted in a rapid development of high masts from simple floodlight poles to integrated systems for large area, warehouse and highway lighting.

Our Led high mast light is an ecofriendly product also help to reduce the energy conception. High quality LED chip and driver mechanism ensure long lasting operation and less maintenance.

450 Watts to 900 Watts

The product is designed for a very long life with true IP standards for pure outdoor applications. Product supports wide applications provides various beam angle options. The fixture is been carefully designed to provide installations at different angles and flexibilities to achieve maximum lux for any applications.

Heat Sink

Due to the large power applications, the product adopts a patented heat sink design to maintain the junction temperature optimum at all times to add life to the Led. Powered with dual power adapter in built making the product compact and easy to install.